youthhood bloggar på engelska på tema Square: "Chest"

This is a squared chest, or I figured out later that it is actually rectangular. But the idea was right. In this, we call it square, chest I can fit my life. Not easily, but I would try. Sure my life holds more than a lot but if necessary I could press down my whole life in it.

The English language has never been so important for the world and its connections as today, it has been a huge language in the past but today you can communicate with other humans through a single language. It is obvious for us learning English in school today but once upon a time your own language was the only language.

On the top-five list of things I would pack in the squared chest (in English as well): a toothbrush, music, a book, warm socks and the hardest thing would be the company. It would be hard to make a friend go inside this but it would be worth the effort.

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