youthhood bloggar på engelska på tema Square: "Candy square!

I love England. At my sixteenth birthday my grandmother woke me up and told me we were going to the airport and she took me to England. Once there, we lived in a tiny cozy hotel at Gloucester road. One of my best memories from there was when we went to Harrods. There was a whole room filled to the edges of the walls with candy. I'd love to fill the plate above with candy and just go to town on it.

I thought it was really unfair that the candy was so expensive there so we couldn't buy anything. But my grandma wanted me to have a really expensive little teddy bear that currently resides at a shelf watching over my family like one of those cute care bears.

This plate is circular and not at all square-shaped. But if I could fill it with candy, that would be fair and square!

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